Our Management Team

Stig Visti Andersen, Aarhus University - Denmark Msc (Econ) | Chief Executive Officer

Stig Visti Andersen is the CEO of OVVI Diagnostics. He has extensive experience in various life science companies. He is a former CEO of Acarix A/S, Denmark and has held senior European and Global leadership roles in a number of other companies, including Sensimed AG, Glaukos Corporation and Eli Lilly. He has also co-founded a number of start-up companies. Stig has an M.Sc (Economics) from Aarhus University in Denmark.

Bettina Werle, PhD - HDR | Chief Scientific Officer

Bettina Werle is the Chief Scientific Officer of OVVI Diagnostics. She has over 20 years' of experience in the development of biotherapeutics and diagnostic tests in different environments such as academia (Inserm), human health (Solvay), animal health (Merial) and more recently at the Bioaster Technological Institute. Bettina obtained a PhD from the University of Burgundy and the Authorization to Supervise Research.  (HDR - Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches).

Claude Crosnier, Essec, MBA | Chief Financial Officer

After starting out at KPMG, Claude Crosnier held positions as CFO from 1993 to 2001 in both an industrial group and an investment holding company before joining EY as a partner. Claude Crosnier is an ESSEC graduate and chartered accountant.

Costin Caciu, INSA, PhD Mines Paris | Chief Technology Officer

Costin Caciu heads up the technology department of OVVI Diagnostics. Costin gained 10 years' experience in multi-technology instruments development and industrialization at Itron|Schlumberger. He has a scientific PhD from Mines Paris in physical modelling, signal & image processing.

Véronique Semjonow, M.D. | Chief Medical Officer

Véronique is the Chief Medical Officer of OVVI Diagnostics. A trained physician, Véronique acquired nearly 30 years' experience in in vitro diagnostics from international companies such as Philips and Beckman Coulter, holding various positions in clinical and medical affairs and scientific marketing, for the development and launching of biomarkers.

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